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Anti flammable: CAL 117-2013,FMVSS302,IMO FTP,BIFMA CLASS A,NFPA 260

Anti microbial: AATCC-147

Cold crack resistant: -10 degrees F

UVB resistant: 650 hrs

Abrasion: Wyzenback 8 Cotton Duck # 5,00,000 cycles

Weatherometer: 1000 Hrs

Pink Stain: ASTM 1428

Material/Fabric: 100% Polyester

Suggested Applications: Marine | Contract | Healthcare

Americana 1200 Espresso

Americana Espresso

Americana 1205 American Beauty

Americana American Beauty

Americana 1211 Coffee Cream

Americana Coffee Cream

Americana 1216 Dove

Americana Dove

Americana 1221 Burgundy

Americana Burgundy

Americana 1224 Blue Ridge

Americana Blue Ridge

Americana 1227 Mocha

Americana Mocha

Americana 1230 Charcoal

Americana Charcoal

Americana 1201 Rasberry

Americana Rasberry

Americana 1206 Bordeaux

Americana Bordeaux

Americana 1213 Black

Americana Black

Americana 1217 Forest Green

Americana Forest Green

Americana 1222 Navy

Americana Navy

Americana 1225 Imperial Blue

Americana Imperial Blue

Americana 1228 Terra Cotta

Americana Terra Cotta

Americana 1231 Sable

Americana Sable

Americana 1204 Snow White

Americana Snow White

Americana 1210 Tomato

Americana Tomato

Americana 1214 Celedon Green

Americana Celedon Green

Americana 1218 Chestnut

Americana Chestnut

Americana 1223 Aubergine

Americana Aubergine

Americana 1226 Taupe

Americana Taupe

Americana 1229 Gun Metal

Americana Gun Metal

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