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54” Wide

100% Polyolefin

Acrylic Backing

16 oz

700 Hours UV Stability

250,000 Double Rubs Abrasion Resistance

Mildew Resistant

Static Resistant

Chemically inert and hydrophobic

Will not absorb spills or stains


Not affected by chemicals

Flammability Requirements:
Manufactured to Meet the Following Codes*:

California Tech Bulletin 117 Sec E

MVSS 302

NFPA 260

Duramax Ebony

Duramax Medium Blue

Duramax Mariner

Duramax Navy

Duramax Amethyst

Duramax Claret

Duramax Crimson

Duramax Grotto

Duramax Deep Green

Duramax Sesame

Duramax Sandstone

Duramax Buffalo

Duramax Espresso

Duramax Slate

Duramax Silver

Duramax Oatmeal


Duramax Academy Blue

Duramax Carribean

Duramax Midnight

Duramax Brite Purple

Duramax Port

Duramax Cayenne

Duramax Red Clay

Duramax Hunter

Duramax Cashmere

Duramax Bamboo

Duramax Gravel

Duramax Mocha

Duramax Chocolate

Duramax Dark Grey

Duramax Grey Mix


Duramax Toast

Duramax Nordic

Duramax Dark Blue

Duramax Lodge

Duramax Eggplant

Duramax Maroon

Duramax Deep Scarlet

Duramax Ascot

Duramax Heath

Duramax Dark Oatmeal

Duramax Flannel

Duramax Cobblestone

Duramax Medium Brown

Duramax Mink

Duramax Steel

Duramax Nutmeg

Duramax Brown Haze

Call for availability on discontinued colors for Duramax

This term and any corresponding data refer to typical performance in the specific tests indicated and should not be construed to imply the behavior of this or any other material under actual fire conditions.

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