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Width: 54"

Roll Size: 30 yds

Thickness: 1.02 mm

Nominal Weight: 32 oz per Linear Yard

Cold Crack: -10°F

UV Stabilized Pigments: 500 Hours Minimum

Abrasion Resistance: Wyzenbeek (100K Cycles #10 Cotton Duck)

Mildew Resistant (ASTM G-21): Pass

Anti-Bacterial/Anti-Microbial (AATCC 147): Pass

Pink Staining (ASTM E1428): Pass

Tradewinds Abyss

Tradewinds Azure

Tradewinds Blush

Tradewinds Carnival

Tradewinds Coconut Back

Tradewinds Delta Blue

Tradewinds Golden Dawn

Tradewinds Ivory Coast

Tradewinds Midnight Surf

Tradewinds Pacific Mist

Tradewinds Pomona Plum

Tradewinds Sea Frost

Tradewinds Sunkiss

Tradewinds Tiara Blue

Tradewinds Aleutian

Tradewinds Bahama

Tradewinds Brandy

Tradewinds Cascade Pine

Tradewinds Deep Lagoon

Tradewinds Dolphin

Tradewinds Harbor Grey

Tradewinds Laguna Surf

Tradewinds Monte Carlo

Tradewinds Pearl

Tradewinds Porpoise

Tradewinds Seashell

Tradewinds Sunset Red

Tradewinds Tropical Punch

Tradewinds Arctic Frost

Tradewinds Black Sea

Tradewinds Caribbean

Tradewinds Coastal Sand

Tradewinds Deep Suntan

Tradewinds Gentian Blue

Tradewinds Hawaiian

Tradewinds Lively Leaf

Tradewinds Moon Mist

Tradewinds Polar Dusk

Tradewinds Sandpointe

Tradewinds Stormy

Tradewinds Tangelo

Tradewinds Ultra White

Tradewinds Ultramarine

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