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Flat Knit Headliner

3/16" x 60" Wide

Colors May Vary Slightly With Each Dye Lot

Copy of 2300blackink-laminated-liberty_edited.jpg

Headliner 2300 Black Ink

Copy of 2483atlasgray-laminated-liberty.jpg

Headliner 2483 Atlas Grey

Copy of 2334ltgray-laminated-liberty_edited.jpg

Headliner 2334 Lt. Grey Providence

Headliner 2412 Lt. Titanium

Headliner 6005 Shadow Beige

Headliner 2349 Opal Grey

Headliner 6000 Sand Beige

Copy of 2335ltneutral-laminated-liberty_

Headliner 2335 Lt. Neutral

Headliner 3009 Lt. Ash Grey Taffeta

Headliner 2294 Lt. Grey Winchester

Copy of 2350ebony-laminated-liberty_edited.jpg

Headliner 2350 Ebony

Copy of 2514steelgray-laminated-liberty_edited_edited.jpg

Headliner 2514 Steel Grey

Headliner 2340 Clear Grey

Headliner 2330 Lt. Grey Stone

Headliner 2413 Shale

Headliner 6004 Lt. Grey Med

Headliner 6007 Adobe

Copy of 2303ltparchment-laminated-libert

Headliner 2303 Lt. Parchment

Copy of 2503lttitaniumtaffeta-laminated-

Headliner 2503 Lt. Titanium Taffeta

Headliner 2292 Opal
Grey Winchester

Copy of 6001neutralblack-laminated-liberty_edited.jpg

Headliner 6001 Neutral Black

Copy of 6002wisteriagrey-laminated-liberty_edited.jpg

Headliner 6002 Wisteria Grey

Headliner 2325 Dove Grey

Headliner 6003 Med Grey

Headliner 6006 Med Soft Ceramic

Copy of 3005marble-laminated-liberty_edited_edited.jpg

Headliner 3005 Marble

Copy of 2363ltcashmere-laminated-liberty_edited_edited.jpg

Headliner 2363 Lt. Cashmere

Headliner 2378 Aura Pearl

Headliner 3008 Shale Taffeta

Copy of 2293ltneutralwinchester-laminate

Headliner 2293 Lt.
Neutral Winchester

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