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Width: 54"

Roll Size: 30 yds

Thickness: 1.02 mm

Nominal Weight: 32 oz per Linear Yard

Cold Crack: -10°F

UV Stabilized Pigments: 500 Hours Minimum

Abrasion Resistance: Wyzenbeek (100K Cycles #10 Cotton Duck)

Mildew Resistant (ASTM G-21): Pass

Anti-Bacterial/Anti-Microbial (AATCC 147): Pass

Pink Staining (ASTM E1428)

Windsong Alaskan Night

Windsong Baja Tan

Windsong Cancun

Windsong Cloud

Windsong Hurricane Black

Windsong Island Sky

Windsong Lipstick

Windsong Maui Sand

Windsong Ocean Storm

Windsong Polar Breeze

Windsong Sea Salt

Windsong Tahiti Reef

Windsong Aqua Spray

Windsong Bittersweet

Windsong Cappuccino

Windsong Fog

Windsong Ice Water

Windsong Jamaican Sun

Windsong Malibu Sand

Windsong Moonbeam

Windsong Pebble Bleach

Windsong Royal Red

Windsong St. Thomas Dusk

Windsong Tropical Red

Windsong Asian Plum

Windsong Cajun Spice

Windsong Cayman Blue

Windsong Hibiscus

Windsong Ink

Windsong Lime Cooler

Windsong Marine Blue

Windsong Nautica Blue

Windsong Pelican

Windsong Sangria

Windsong Sun Glow

Windsong Vanilla Cream

Windsong White Cap

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